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You don’t have the chops

Someone said that to me today. “You don’t have the chops. I mean you have great ideas, but you don’t have the chops to pull it off.” And I got pissed. And I got hurt. And, man, I took it really personally.

Because who says that? Not a very inspirational leader, or friend, honestly.

Leaders and those who inspire greatness, never say things that make you question your goals. They lead you to them. They mentor you. They challenge you. Leaders lift you up; they don’t smash you down. Leaders inspire. Leaders lead, not through fear, but through inspiration. And I really do believe this. Nothing great was ever created by fear and doubt. Nothing.

Managers? Eh, that’s a different story. But I’m talking about leadership here.

And so whether or not I have “the chops” is not the point. Maybe I don’t. The point is to inspire excellence, inspire risk taking, inspire something special. Inspire dreams. Be that kind of leader. And never tell anyone tell they don’t “have the chops.” That’s fucking uncool.

Don’t extinguish someone’s dreams. Encourage someone’s dreams. You’ll be a better leader because of it.

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