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We are dancing under a turd piñata. And it’s about to burst.

Look. I don’t like getting political. I’m a business writer and a rancher, which right now sounds like a very odd pairing. Like a pot roast and a sauvignon blanc.

Anyway, this needs to be said. So here goes: The pen is mightier than the sword, but less mighty than the piñata filled with turd.

No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, shit is flying. On the Hill, in town halls, in Congress, in Mexico and, sadly, now in Sweden after that thing happened that didn’t.

So, please allow me to discuss the Turd Piñata Construct. It’s not complicated and has no data behind it. It’s an Alternative Type Turd Construct. But it’s real. Ot, at least, it feels very real.

To clarify, this is not about piñatas. I love piñatas. Who doesn’t? Hell, I love turds. But when the two collide – shit flies.

Let’s discuss the principles and foundations of the Turd Piñata Construct (TPC), a thing I made up once, but is all too real now. Turd pinatas happen everywhere, not just in politics. Startups, corporations, educational institutions, media — they all have a version of the Turd Piñata Construct. We’re just living under the largest TPC in history right now. 

As history teaches us, when we dance under a turd piñata, we dance under the misguided perception that the more we beat the thing, the more candy will rain down and we’ll all be high on sugar and yay. Won’t that be awesome? But this is different because it’s turd. There are no skittles in there. (And because I’m from Colorado I can say this: Our weed pinatas are in jeopardy, but that’s a different blog.)

This is America, so I’m lucky. I get to say things. For now, anyway. However, should I end up at Gulag-a-Lago, please write, send kale and maybe send some PussyRiot mp3s, but also know I stand firmly in my belief that we collectively, in these United States of America, are in jeopardy of a surplus of turd dropping down on our heads at an accelerated pace.

The advice here? Keep dancing, but stop poking the piñata and focus on what matters – your voice. 

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