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The Cowgirl Mermaid Chronicles — Eclipse Edition

We couldn’t find eclipse glasses in time for the actual eclipse tomorrow, so my husband and I are wearing welding helmets instead. Both the eclipse and the welding part are new to me, but I figure, why not?  I really want to see the eclipse and if that means wearing this head bucket, I’m game. It’s functional. Not exactly Kardashian in its stylings, but it will get the job done.

Life atop the mountain is something special during eclipse season —  every 100 hundred years or so. Apparently, the livestock will go a bit mad and things will be a touch surreal for a couple hours. We’re excited. We like weird shit and, frankly, we like all helmets.

This morning, we looked for material to make our own eclipse glasses, but it just didn’t work out. My husband got out his two welding helmets and said “These will work.” After we dusted out the black widows and cob webs, I realized he was right. 

These are not sexy helmets (no offense to real welders), but they will guard our corneas from the sun while we stare at it, which seems a dumb thing to do in the first place. Anyway…

We have big plans to celebrate the eclipse this year: Early hot tub, eclipse mimosas and then we will strap on our welding helmets and stare at the sun at 10:35 am because that’s what morons do. And we’re not above that.

Here’s my thinking about the eclipse tomorrow and why it is so important and why I’m game to go welder on this. Tomorrow’s eclipse will, for the first time in a long while, unite us as a country in a shared and celebrated experience. There is no fake news and no arguing the beauty or the science of the universe. We will be united. What an awesome thought.

We need this eclipse. We need this experience. Maybe more than any eclipse or experience in history.

I, however, have no plans for this welder bucket post-eclipse.

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