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Meet fear’s antidote: hope

No matter what level of disruption we write about or talk about in the pages of this magazine, or discuss or highlight socially, at the end of the day the truth is all that matters. It is the heart and soul of what you do and what we aim to do.

In business, the truth will come through in your operation and your brand. Your customers will embrace that truth—it’s all in the stories you tell and how you tell them. This is the point at which your authenticity shines. It’s how you fully disclose that which you stand for.

This is our truth.

By the time you read this, the attacks in Paris last November will be old news, but right now, here in this newsroom, it’s very real. We are not, by any means, a political magazine, and we are completely unapologetic about it. We don’t get into the weeds of policy and governance or global discourse. We’re about inspiration, passion, innovation and vision. We celebrate you and we celebrate those things that have the power to invite change—creativity, innovation and invention.

But I would be disingenuous if I didn’t talk about the gutless attacks in Paris happening as I write this. Something needs to be said: We, as entrepreneurs, must come together and continue to stir change. It’s what we do. And it’s what this world needs.

By this I mean that entrepreneurs play an oft-overlooked but integral part in the healing. When traumatized citizens discover that shops and restaurants have reopened—acts driven by entrepreneurs—people start to reclaim the faith that a sense of normalcy is possible. In other words, the simple act of opening for business is one of the most powerful ways a community can begin the process of overcoming its fears.

So how do we do this? We can start by never letting our fears define or defeat us in business, in life, in anything. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be hard for you, since entrepreneurs are already some of the most fearless people on the planet.

It’s in your nature to create. By creating a business, you create change. And through change you create hope, the most powerful motivator on earth.

Here at Entrepreneur, we deeply believe in feeding your hopes so that you’ll go out and create your own destiny. Each year this issue celebrates those opportunities to do just that. Our annual Women to Watch feature showcases women making a difference in their fields. And this year’s Franchise 500 is a something to behold—it’s a 160-page stockpile of opportunity.

The message from every page in this magazine is simple: Go do something great, go be fearless in the face of adversity, because in so doing, we win the war over fear. Against the backdrop of recent events, this philosophy of entrepreneurship is needed now more than ever. Against the backdrop of recent events, this philosophy of entreprenurship is needed now more than ever. That’s the truth. We feel like we’re doing our part. We hope you’ll do yours.

Thank you.

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