The Art of Entrepreneurship, Storytelling and Making a Difference

If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, you are also a storyteller. How you tell your story is what becomes your voice and your voice will always become the essence of your brand.

Presented at:

  • Iceland Chamber of Commerce (2016)
  • Spring Arbor University (2016)
  • Copenhagen (Creative Business Cup) (2016)
  • Mexico City (Entrepreneur Week) (2016)

Duration: 20 minutes - 60 minutes

A Mind Lit Only By Fire

Creativity and entrepreneurship have a lasting impact on our culture, our world and our global economy. Our ability to create and explore is how new markets and new movements are born. This speech is meant to inspire and impact innovation

Presented at:

  • Boulder Chamber of Commerce (2015)
  • Copenhagen (Creative Business Cup) (2015)
  • Athens, Greece (DisruptAthens) (2015)

Duration: 30 minutes to 65 minutes

Other Topics

Innovation, disruption and all the other BS words for creating change

Inspiration and leadership

Cash money: Crowdfunding, raising capital and how to make the most of new platforms

It’s all about the collective

Why liberal arts is important in leadership and business

Social media strategies: Everything you need to know

Duration: 30-60 minutes