Art matters

My friend Annie made me a scarf. An extraordinary scarf –with no pink in it because I hate pink. She’s a weaver and she makes things both artistic and mathematical – all on a loom. She even has a space in her home she calls the “Loom Room.” When I got the scarf from Annie in […]

Cruise control

First, let me be perfectly clear here — I am an accidental tourist tonight. I have no business cruising through downtown Fort Collins with three teenage girls in a pickup truck. And rolling coal — a term that was recently explained to me. But here I am. Wrapped in a blanket, hiding in the back […]

3 things I learned by goofing off for 4 months, while acting like a 25-year-old ski bum

To set the stage, I spent the last 23 years busting my ass to claw my way to the top in media, a male-dominated, relentlessly competitive and bitchy industry. When I left, I was burned out, disillusioned and a little bit hollow. So, I started goofing off. Like really goofing off.  And I have no regrets. […]

The nudge is real

I realized I needed a nudge today. Finally. The Nudge. Happened. Today.  Sheesh, finally. We all need a nudge on occasion. And to me this is particularly poignant, because I am “She Who Never Needs A Nudge” because… I just don’t. Except when I do, which is more often than I’d like to admit, but today was one […]

American entrepreneur talks about pursuing the “cool” profession

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? According to a simple Google search, it is “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.” Read the rest of the article on Kosovo 2.0


Chivas Rooftop Sessions

Know your place

I met this guy in an airport recently who was holding his guitar like a holy vessel; said he carried it everywhere. He was on his way to Seattle, because, he explained, “It’s where things happen.” He didn’t have a plan for stuff like food and shelter and, you know, work. All he had was […]

When art imitates business

I once saw a painting called Contemplation on Emptiness, and it fulfilled me. It was so insanely gorgeous—the colors, the subject, the pure grace of the piece—that my soul was rocked. Unfortunately, buying it would also rock my bank account. I fought the urge. I battled my internal voice. And then, well it snuck into […]

100 new ideas, endless possibilities

Every year we do this list—this fantastically unscientific list, in which we acknowledge 100 brilliant ideas, companies and the founders behind them. This list represents everything that is great and meaningful in entrepreneurship and living in a country that celebrates and cheers for disruption. (Gotta love an election cycle.) It’s sort of our kiss on […]