The Journey of the Huntress

My daughter is a double agent. For real. She’s both a Tri-Delt (Delta Delta Delta, aka “triple nipple”) sorority member and, unbeknownst to her “sisters” (who are unrelated to her by blood despite that stupid fucking moniker), she’s also a hunter – like the real deal, paint-on-face, archery toting badass motherfucker schlepping through the mud […]

The Cowgirl Mermaid Chronicles — Eclipse Edition

We couldn’t find eclipse glasses in time for the actual eclipse tomorrow, so my husband and I are wearing welding helmets instead. Both the eclipse and the welding part are new to me, but I figure, why not?  I really want to see the eclipse and if that means wearing this head bucket, I’m game. […]

After the Fire

A message of hope for Houston. Watching events unfold in Houston is deeply personal and visceral — really hard to watch. I lost my home and everything in it during the massive High Park Fire in the mountains of Colorado on June 9, 2012.  The desperation in Houston takes me back to that day, and I […]

The Cowgirl Mermaid Chronicles — The Internet Diaries

Today, I have no Internet. We’re going on week two. But I refuse to become the hot-headed Irish girl pre-programmed into my DNA. Nope, not today because it is an extraordinary thing to live on top of a mountain in Northern Colorado at 8,000 feet above sea level closer to Wyoming than Denver with a […]

The Cowboy Mermaid Chronicles — Living the Life Aquatic

Canoeing on a crystal-clear high mountain lake in July is a good place to find oneself.  Colorado rocks in the summer. Especially under a sky so blue it turns everything blue – even the pine trees, and even your husband’s face. Good for the soul on any day, really. My husband and I embarked on […]

Mind the Gap — Notes on a Cocktail Napkin in Kosovo

One of the things I’ve learned during my “Adult Gap Year” (translation: no regular job, lots of motorcycle time, too many politics and more than enough breakfast wine) is that the things that mattered to me before “the gap year” still matter – maybe even more now that we’re living in an upside down turd […]

An Awakening

The moment irony makes a triumphant return After spending my career writing about fearlessness and celebrating the mantra “just start,” I find myself filled with the fear of just starting.   On the other side of fear, I used to write, is success. I still believe that. But I am failing my own words and […]

We are dancing under a turd piñata. And it’s about to burst.

Look. I don’t like getting political. I’m a business writer and a rancher, which right now sounds like a very odd pairing. Like a pot roast and a sauvignon blanc. Anyway, this needs to be said. So here goes: The pen is mightier than the sword, but less mighty than the piñata filled with turd. […]

Do not fear that cow in Queens

In business, as in life, never fear the free-ranging cow. Grab a rope, jump on a horse and harness that bitch. So say the rancher folks. So, look, people of Queens, NY – I saw your cow running freely through the streets today. I saw your concern and I saw your fear firsthand on Twitter. Cows are […]

You don’t have the chops

Someone said that to me today. “You don’t have the chops. I mean you have great ideas, but you don’t have the chops to pull it off.” And I got pissed. And I got hurt. And, man, I took it really personally. Because who says that? Not a very inspirational leader, or friend, honestly. Leaders […]