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How the stories come to life

The Journey of the Huntress

My daughter is a double agent. For real. She’s both a Tri-Delt (Delta Delta Delta, aka “triple nipple”) sorority member and, unbeknownst to her “sisters”

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After the Fire

A message of hope for Houston. Watching events unfold in Houston is deeply personal and visceral — really hard to watch. I lost my home

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An Awakening

The moment irony makes a triumphant return After spending my career writing about fearlessness and celebrating the mantra “just start,” I find myself filled with

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Art matters

My friend Annie made me a scarf. An extraordinary scarf –with no pink in it because I hate pink. She’s a weaver and she makes things

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Cruise control

First, let me be perfectly clear here — I am an accidental tourist tonight. I have no business cruising through downtown Fort Collins with three

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The nudge is real

I realized I needed a nudge today. Finally. The Nudge. Happened. Today.  Sheesh, finally. We all need a nudge on occasion. And to me this is particularly poignant,

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Know your place

I met this guy in an airport recently who was holding his guitar like a holy vessel; said he carried it everywhere. He was on

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Make your mark

In case you haven’t noticed, storytelling has gotten a lot more fun. We can thank social media and a younger generation for a lot of

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Fear itself

I had an idea for a business, and it made me giddy. It was so full of possibility, so compelling and dynamic and burning and

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Disrupt this

Disruption is something we write about every month. It’s the force we stand for, and it’s what we advocate with every story. But it’s not

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