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Art matters

My friend Annie made me a scarf. An extraordinary scarf –with no pink in it because I hate pink. She’s a weaver and she makes things both artistic and mathematical – all on a loom. She even has a space in her home she calls the “Loom Room.”

When I got the scarf from Annie in the box at the bottom of the hill where mail lands when you live remotely, I had this really strange visceral reaction to it because it was so beautiful and so much of Annie was in my hands. And I cried. No idea why. I don’t cry.

So I asked Annie about it and the process of making it and the challenges of being in the creative industries because even though scarf making is not necessarily disruptive, it was disruptive to me. And the tactile emotion was also very new to me. She explained it this way (as she would, since she is a former dancer),

“The way I experience this creation is as performance art – the way it’s made and watching how it’s created and the emotion behind the production is very real. And I live this every day. And sometimes at night.” And she loses sleep over it because she’s not sure how or when to break rules, but she’s learning.

“I am still finding my voice. I am problem solving, but every day I feel like I am diving into this thing – this tension. I’m still figuring out that balance between being an artist and being an entrepreneur.” But when she steps into the loom room, it all becomes very clear.

“Quality. Never lose your sense of quality and fight for and follow your heart,” according to Annie’s father. Annie is a teacher and a weaver because she has this sense of self that is really something beyond artistic. Annie knows authenticity and how to step into a space, call it the loom room and create. If more people did that, the world would be a better place. Actually, if you’re an entrepreneur, you know exactly what I’m talking about. — Cosper

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