The Cowgirl Mermaid Chronicles — The Internet Diaries

Today, I have no Internet. We’re going on week two. But I refuse to become the hot-headed Irish girl pre-programmed into my DNA. Nope, not today because it is an extraordinary thing to live on top of a mountain in Northern Colorado at 8,000 feet above sea level closer to Wyoming than Denver with a […]

The Cowboy Mermaid Chronicles — Living the Life Aquatic

Canoeing on a crystal-clear high mountain lake in July is a good place to find oneself.  Colorado rocks in the summer. Especially under a sky so blue it turns everything blue – even the pine trees, and even your husband’s face. Good for the soul on any day, really. My husband and I embarked on […]

Mind the Gap — Notes on a Cocktail Napkin in Kosovo

One of the things I’ve learned during my “Adult Gap Year” (translation: no regular job, lots of motorcycle time, too many politics and more than enough breakfast wine) is that the things that mattered to me before “the gap year” still matter – maybe even more now that we’re living in an upside down turd […]